JOLF’s aim is to provide a fun, engaging and appropriate experience for each child, every time
The programme involves children in stimulating and enjoyable games-based experiences. It aims to:
develop children’s ability to play golf;
improve their movement and thinking skills;
promote positive attitudes to learning and working with others.

The JOLF coaching programme delivers high quality golf coaching for children. Children are given their personal JOLF Journal, which is used to record progress and personal targets. JOLF’s 7 caps – white, red, yellow, green, blue, brown and black – mark a child’s progressive improvement through the programme.

JOLF is also a coach development and coach training resource. It provides all the training a golf coach needs in order to be able to deliver a high quality games-based coaching programme for children. It also provides on-going support to help them improve their expertise in coaching children and the experience they give to their junior golfers.

COACH WORKSHOP – DUBAI Al Badia Golf Club Monday 26th October 2015
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Dubai Workshop 26th October 2015

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